COVID19 is affecting the world community, and the health of our staff and our customers is the most important consideration in our actions.

From Friday the 26th of March, the vast majority of our staff will be working from home in Australia.
Our Singapore office remains open and unchanged.

We recognise that we must do our part to stop the spread of the virus, but also keep our business running and those of our customers and suppliers.
How things will change?

We will be using Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom to have web meetings with our customers and suppliers and minimising our social interactions.

You will be asked to sign documents using electronic signatures, as we cannot expect you to sign and print documents and we will have limited and or no ability to scan documents.

Physical mail will be affected and we will ask you to interact with us electronically rather than the exchange of physical documents.

We are well placed to enable this transition as our Information Technology environment is world class.

So, it is business as usual with some minor modifications.
Thank you.

Alan Jones
Chief Executive Officer