A year in a review. Our company year ended in June 30, 2020 and was probably the most challenging year for both us and our customers.

What a year!

COVID-19 was and is a major impact and forced us to transition our complete operations to the “CLOUD” 18 months earlier than planned in less than 10 days. At the same, we closed down our offices in Brisbane and Singapore, went 100% paperless, and transitioned to 100% work from home without affecting service delivery and our customers. It was a tremendous change and accomplishment. It has changed our business permanently and shown us we can increase our service levels and support our customers even more in a work from home environment.

We worked hard to support our customers through the many network tariff changes as their businesses temporarily closed and electricity usage changed. It was all hands on deck for months. Our customer’s businesses changed, and we were there to support them as they too had workplace change transitions.

This year we…

Introduced our New Energy Services team to help our customers, with Solar, Power Factor Correction, Energy Efficiency and Network Cost Optimisation services;

Saved our customers over $1/2 Million in unnecessary network charges per annum by managing and monitoring they network tariffs;

Celebrated our 11th year of operations on May 9th and our 2000th customer site now being monitored and maintained with Power Choice services and software systems;

Continued to invest in our service delivery for our customer with our Customer Experience team, adding 6 new Service Delivery Account Managers to support our customers ;

We look forward to the end of COVID 19 and our expansion of services into Singapore as well as Australia. We will be continuing to invest to support our customers during this time, with an expansion of our sales operations and services next year. Continued investment in business processes and ISO9000/2018 compliant systems provide us the edge in providing quality and reliable services.

We look forward to an exciting 2021 and are well-placed to support our customers in a post-COVID world.

Alan Jones
Chief Executive Officer