Quality Statement

Our promise is about more than simply saving money.  By helping businesses choose and manage their energy contracts using our industry knowledge, systems and expertise, we are saving them time, stress and risk.

We ask businesses the right questions to understand their energy usage and, with the power of smart metering, we know their electricity requirements better than they know those requirements themselves.

We provide businesses with customised reporting to monitor and manage energy usage. We give business the power to save more by building their energy usage profile and proactively helping them to look forward and choose the best time to sign a contract.

  • We provide choice supported by intelligence;
  • We pursue our client’s interests with rigour and integrity;
  • We provide a service that our clients can trust.

We believe that the key to success in this regard is our quality system – based on the International standard – ISO 9001.  The system ensures that effective controls are consistently and adequately applied to our work processes, and provides a record of our quality-related activities.

We are committed to maintaining, and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system. All employees, suppliers, delivery partners and other relevant stakeholders are invited and expected to share in this commitment. We have allocated sufficient resources to ensure that quality remains at the heart of our business.

Any suggestions that may assist us in our pursuit of quality are welcomed.

We Care About Quality

As an ISO 9001 quality certified company, Power Choice is independently audited every 12 months to ensure that we have processes and procedures in place to enable us to continue to deliver quality products and services.

We are always welcoming feedback from our customers and partners, please feel free to call us on 1300 1650 20.

Power Choice Pty Ltd ABN 63 104 658 960