Professional Energy Services and skills tailored for Small to Medium Businesses

Reduce energy costs and risks further through unbiased expert analysis, needs-based energy review and effective project management.

Here are some customer concerns that our Energy Services help address

Is my business ready to consider a Solar PV System?
Am I paying more than necessary because of energy inefficient equipment or practices?
Is the energy supply I'm receiving of good quality?
Am I paying too much for network costs with my current energy consumption?
How do I know if this is the best price I can get for my system?
Is the retailer quoting me their best price for my energy?


Current Costs and Usage Analyzed
Risks Assessed
Energy Efficiency Options Reviewed for Suitability

Costs & Risks Reduction
Improved Decision-Making
Optimised Energy Plan and System

Here are the tools you’ll need to optimise your existing energy plan

Independent Energy Review

Improve your decision making, get unbiased advice from a comprehensive review that will help identify opportunities for cost savings.

Solar PhotoVoltaic Analysis

Be informed on suitability of Solar PV for your businesses

Power Factor Corrector Analysis

Reduce demand costs, get expert assessment if a Power Factor Corrector is suitable for your business.

Network Supply Cost Optimization

Network costs make up to 50% of your electricity bill, get an expert to identify possibilities of cost reduction through a comprehensive review of your network supply arrangements.

Demand Response and Load shifting

Run a more cost-effective operations. Our energy experts will review the appropriateness of changing business activities that impact your costs.

Spot Price Market Suitability Analysis

Receive advice on Complex Electricity contracts.  This also checks your business suitability to market and derivative-based contracts.

Active Electric Asset Protection

Prevent electrical equipment failure that may disrupt your business operations. By being notified of Power Quality you are able to act and minimize possible impact on your business operations.