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    What is deregulation?

    Energy deregulation has given businesses the power to shop around.

    Since the early 2000’s the energy industry has been open to competition. This means that many small businesses now have a choice about who they buy their electricity from.

    How do I know if I quality for 'wholesale market' electricity?

    if you’re a business that uses 100 megawatts of electricity or more per annum, already on the contestable electricity market or considering the more, Power Choice can help.

    At Power Choice we tailor our service solutions to your energy requirements. Our brokerage service develops an accurate profile of your business’ energy consumption behavior to negotiate competitive electricity rate with some of Australia’s leading energy retailers. We also offer monitoring, intelligence, and energy efficiency solutions to examine and improve your energy expenditure.

    How much does it cost?

    Our service is obligation free and all our fees are highlighted on our detailed analysis, which we present to you before you make a decision to go ahead.

    Why should choose Power Choice?

    Working with Power Choice Is quick and simple – saving you time, money, and stress.

    In a deregulated electricity market, you now have the power to choose you energy supplier. But with so many suppliers, all claiming to provide the best deal it, it can be difficult and time consuming to compare contract offers and come to a decision, At Power Choice, we do the work for you, our buying power and competitive tendering process allows us to negotiate deals not available by going direct to the suppliers. Our team electricity analysis develop a usage profile of you business and provide through analysis of all tender offers, allowing you easily choose the contract that best suits your business needs.

    What happens if my business changes?

    As a Power Choice customer, it is important to remember what to do if your business changes, whether that be a change of ownership, a name change, location change or even close of business of business. Due to the state of the energy market your electricity retailer may not always be aware of your arrangements with Power Choice.

    To save time and unnecessary cost and interruption contact Power Choice directly to report any changes to your business. We are more than happy to help update your business details as required. Change in location may also require a meter upgrade so consult your account manager when considering a move.

    Please contact your Account Manager to assist with any changes.